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Pizza delivery in Kyiv

Are you planning to spend time at home with your favorite series? The traditional appetizer for viewing is pizza. It can be baked on its own or bought in a specialized cafe, but it is best to order home delivery. Hot and fresh pizza will be delivered to you within literally an hour. We know a lot about the preparation of this dish and the quality service.

What kind of pizza can I order?

At Pesto Cafe you can order pizza delivery and any filling.

The menu:

  • meat: with chicken, smoked meats, salami, ham and other types of products;
  • vegetarian options with lots of vegetables;
  • pizza with seafood, salmon and other types of fish.

You can order each pizza on tortillas with different diameters, including halves. Our menu also has everything for a full dinner: salads, pastries and even drinks.

We try for you and carefully select products for our pizza, regularly supplement the menu and always follow the recipe. Each pizza is made with specially selected ingredients. We use different sauces and fresh selected vegetables for our dishes, which allows us to add juiciness to it.

Our pizza delivery in Kyiv carefully packs the dishes so that they reach you safe and sound. You will receive your order in special boxes, and the courier will transport them in a thermal bag. Pizza will definitely reach you hot and fresh, regardless of the area from which the order came.

When not to do without pizza delivery and where can we bring it?

Pizza is an ideal dish uniting people with different tastes, there is no one indifferent to it. We deliver it throughout Kiev, bring it to office centers and apartments. We receive orders from those who decide to pamper themselves, as well as in special cases:

  • gatherings with friends;
  • for lunch or dinner for office workers or other businesses;
  • as a main dish for a birthday;
  • parties for schoolchildren or children of different ages.

Delivery will help you out if you are tired and do not want to cook on your own, as well as in case of unexpected arrival of guests.

Free pizza delivery is convenient and appropriate in all these cases. We work throughout the city and do not charge extra for the courier. We have the highest quality service in the capital, which many customers have already appreciated.

You can order pizza by phone numbers on the website, we will take into account all your wishes and deliver a hot meal even in cold weather. Your order will be completed as quickly as possible. You will have only pleasant impressions from our service.

You can order pizza by calling: (097) 225-33-33, (099) 225-33-33, (063) 225-33-33.

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