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Did you know that the word “salad” is of Italian origin? It means “salty”. Even the ancient Romans realized that vegetable salads help digestion and assimilation of other dishes, in particular, meat. Herbs are especially useful due their ability to improve appetite and disinfect the food. We at Pesto Café are trying to adhere to the traditions of distant Italian predecessors and, of course, have paid attention to the salad menu. Today, salads are not only salty vegetables. Moreover, this is a space for fantasy. Variety of ingredients and sauces, original combination, game of contrasts - try and understand there are no limits! We offer cold and warm salads, light and hearty, vegetables, meat and fish. Let's pay attention to one of the most popular salads - "Caesar". The inventor of the salad, an American restaurateur of the early 20th century Caesar Cardini, had an Italian origin. His salad of herbs, grated parmesan and croutons (toast), flavored with a special sauce, gained such a popularity that almost 100 years later it became the classic of world cooking. So that we are in Presto Café cooking this salad. Our variant: crispy romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese, fried chicken fillet, flavored with a special Caesar sauce with crispy garlic toast, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs. And now let’s have a look at the salad with a tongue and an arugula: with boiled tongue, leaves of lollo-rosso salads, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, gherkin, boiled quail eggs with mustard sauce. Would you like to eat something heartier? This is the reason to order a salad, with the same name – “Hearty veal salad”. Served with sauce Vitelo, which is of Italian style. This salad is rather a main meal, not a snack.

We are moving further along the Mediterranean coast. Here is a vegetable salad with feta cheese mousse, a kind of Greek salad. For those who like this cheese, there is another option - a warm salad with grilled vegetables. Finally, a light salmon salad with avocado sauce is a favorite of girls and strapped modern men. Yes, of course, it's time to go and refresh yourself. Do you want to eat right now? Delivery of Pesto Cafe salads at your service. To order salads in Pesto Café, it is enough to call the number (044) 225 33 33 or fill in the online application on this website.

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