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Italian soups are not only healthy hot food, but also incredibly delicious. Delivery Pesto Café soups is a great way to save time while cooking and at the same time to eat hearty and home-cooked meal in the office. Soup is a dish, half of which is a liquid. It can be meat, fish, vegetable or mushroom soup, as well as sour-milk products, juices and even kvass. The soup can be hot or cold, clear or creamy, and already there are quite a lot of this dish subspecies. Soups of Italian cuisine were no exception. Just like in other nationalities, they affect a variety of variations, and in restaurants you can order a soup for every taste. Minestrone is the most famous Italian soup. Its name translates as "big soup", that is, complex, multicomponent. One prepares it in various regions of Italy, throughout the country. The basis of soup - vegetables, an important condition for choosing - seasonality: minestrone can be cooked only from fresh products. As a rule, vegetables for minestrone are being diced, and some of the ready-made vegetables are ground and added to the soup in the form of puree. The technology of preparing most vegetables requires them very slowly gradual roasting on olive oil. The broth for this soup is vegetable, rarely - meat, sometimes using various additives and sauces, for example, pesto. In the Pesto Café you can order a minestrone soup with the addition of veal and bacon. An unusual combination of flavors in Italian style will please you cream-soup of eggplant with Gorgonzola cheese. To emphasize the origin, we present this soup with Italian ciabatta with spicy oil. Fans of the same traditional food can order a soup with home-made pastes and chicken. Mushroom cream soup is another popular and already traditional dish served in many restaurants. To order soups with free delivery within Kyiv, call by the number (044) 225 33 33 or use the special online service at Delivery of soups is free of charge when order is upon 150 UAH.

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